There is an incredible synergy between humans and water. As an element, it makes up 70 percent of our being. Metaphorically, it represents the ability to be fluid – to rise, fall and flow. Spiritually, it symbolizes preservation.

Physically, it’s a life source. Engaging with the oceans through surfing, we have formed a profound respect for water and nature as a whole. To ride a barrel is to be in the grips of Mother Earth’s vortex – surrendered to her rhythm, in awe of her power. It is one of the purest dialogues between us and the natural world.

Earth Island has emerged from our explorations of Indonesia through ocean culture. Surfing connects us not only with the waves and currents of the archipelago, but also its many expressions of tradition, landscape and community. Reverence for our roots is at the very core of everything we do.

The idea that we are one with nature is reflected in our commitment to creating products and telling stories that celebrate her intelligence, diversity and, at times, her fragility.

We exist to serve people and the planet – much like water, in many ways.



Nature lies at the heart of everything we do at Earth Island, including our production methods. We take every step we can to create our products as consciously as possible, with the oceans, the Earth and the people wearing them in mind.

We use organic textiles wherever possible and work with a natural dying house in Bali, Indonesia, to colour them using plants. The idea behind this is to remove mass-production, toxins and synthetics from the equation, promoting health instead of harm.

More than being eco-friendly, we see ourselves as part of nature. And with this, comes a responsibility to protect our inner and outer worlds through every thread, stitch and pigment.