Earth Island pop-up and collection launch at Zodiac Baresto Jakarta

In an unprecedented blend of high pace and island life, Earth Island pairs with ZODIAC Jakarta to reveal the TIRTHA collection at a special pop-up event hosted at ZODIAC Baresto (Jl. Adityawarman No.71, Melawai, Jakarta). This collaborative endeavor is to show case the surf lifestyle to hustle and bustle of the capital and introduce our lines of fresh and conscious design.


Set for February 23rd, the event promises an intimate look at TIRTHA, a collection that celebrates water's fundamental role in life on Earth. Named after the Sanskrit word for 'the religion of holy water,' TIRTHA encapsulates the reverence for water seen in cultures worldwide.


During the Event, Earth Island and ZODIAC Jakarta are delighted to offer a special deal on the TIRTHA collection for any purchases made online or at the ZODIAC venue on February 23rd - 25th. This offer is a token of our appreciation for the community's support, encouraging ocean enthusiasts.


The launch will celebrate community, great crew, food and drinks and good vibes.


An Invitation to Explore, Connect, and Celebrate


We extend a warm invitation to join us on this special occasion, to explore the depth and beauty of #onewithnature


Note: The 15% discount is applicable only on purchases made on February 23rd - 25th, subject to terms and conditions.